Open WOD 16.1:  By The Numbers

Here is a detailed look at the performance of Open WOD 16.1 by Emily Abbott and Chyna Cho, with an emphasis on quantitative analysis.    By now you probably have seen the results:  Emily Abbott finished with 289 reps (11 rounds plus 3 lunges), and Chyna Cho completed 279 reps (10 rounds plus 10 lunges, 8 burpees and 1 CTB pullup).   We took a closer look.  Their performances were remarkably similar.  Emily won by just 10 reps, or half a rep per minute.   Indeed, this chart shows just how close they were:

Chyna appears to have an edge on pull-ups, but she did fewer than Emily.   Emily had a small advantage on burpees.   Note that burpees take up almost as much time as lunges.   We expected lunges to take the most time, because they are performed after both burpees and CTB pull-ups.   However, this chart and the accompanying data indicate that burpees consume a substantial amount of the WOD's 20 minutes.    Their average burpee work rate was between 12 and 13 per minute.  

(Note:  For an interesting comparison among burpee work rates, check out our analysis of WOD 14.5 here)


Emily's path to victory

Although the performances were similar, this is a competition, and Emily won.   This chart illustrates how each athlete performed round-by-round, and illuminates Emily's path to victory. 

Round 6 is when Emily took a lead which she never relinquished.   In this round, Chyna was no-repped on a lunge, requiring her to step backward with weight over her head and reset herself before getting started again.  In rounds 7 and 8, Chyna tried to make up ground and actually was just a bit faster than Emily, but this extra effort proved unsustainable.   In Round 10, Emily maintained her pace and Chyna finally broke down.   As a result, Emily's charts show a completed Round 11, and Chyna's does not.   


Lessons for the rest of us

This workout necessitates dozens of transitions to earn a competitive score.  Emily and Chyna each executed over 40.  In fact, Emily and Chyna devoted 19% of the WOD to transitions.   So let's look there first:

Emily and Chyna were particularly aggressive on the burpees; as soon as they dropped the bar, they went right down into the burpees.   They did not go particularly fast on the burpees, but they wasted no time jumping in.   Likewise, they did not hesitate to pick up the bar after burpees or CTB pull-ups.  Regarding your pace during the workout, here are the times for each movement within each round completed by Emily and Chyna.   Compare yourself, if you dare.

Can you handle that?  

Thank you Emily Abbott and Chyna Cho for a great demonstration and a standard to which we may aspire.   Good luck to all who are attempting 16.1.