Welcome to The Gains Lab.  As the name implies, we experiment with new ways to improve athletic and fitness performance.   We hypothesize, test, observe and conclude.   We also have decades of training and coaching experience.  Along the way, we have had the opportunity to observe the progression of thousands of athletes, and we've refined these experiences into information you can use in your next training session.   

Success in the sport of fitness occurs at the intersection of strength, skills and conditioning.  These fitness parameters are tested in competition, often simultaneously.  We've designed The Gains Lab so that you can build specific aspects of your fitness, or follow a comprehensive program that does it all.  Whatever your goals, The Gains Lab can get you there.  Whatever your start point, The Gains Lab meets you at your current level and guides you to excellence.  We've competed in the Games and worked with professional football players.  We're also gym owners who have over 15,000 hours of coaching experience, with athletes ranging from brand new beginners to elite competitors.  

Everything we do is:

  • SIMPLE:  Our programs are straightforward and easy to follow, but they will challenge athletes at any level.
  • DETAIL ORIENTED:  To accomplish big things, you must do the little things.   We never cut corners. 
  • COMPREHENSIVE:  It's more than just sets, reps, and times.  Excellence requires accessory work and technique drills, too.
  • PROVEN:  Everything we ask of you has delivered results for us or our athletes.

Our programming options include:



Build near-unlimited capacity across any time domain.  Maximize your anaerobic power and aerobic capacity


Matt DL.jpg

Become the strongest.   Classic strength and weightlifting training along with technique and accessory work.


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Set the biggest, most audacious goals you can.  Then, let's make them reality with hard work and smart programming.


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