Many fitness tests are substantially, if not explicitly, tests of strength.  Raw strength is necessary, but not sufficient, for success.  We emphasize transferable strength: strength you can use on a lifting platform or deep into a MetCon.  We start with the fundamentals: squat, deadlift, press, and carry, using a periodized approach to balance volume and intensity.  If necessary, we refine technique and add speed before we pile on the weight.  Outstanding strength almost never occurs without outstanding technique.  Strength Builder focuses on both.

We also include a lot of accessory work  to improve positioning, stability, and force production throughout your entire range of motion.  Often, the same “fix” applies across the board.  For example, if you can stay tight at the bottom of a squat, then you’ll be more stable at the bottom of a clean or snatch.       

Most strength programs will make you stronger at lifting with technical flaws, which makes them harder to fix later.  Strength Builder quickly improves your technique and movement, positively impacting your Olympic lifts and maximizing transferable strength. 

Stability at the bottom of a squat increases range of motion, enhances positioning and develops force production. 

Stability at the bottom of a squat increases range of motion, enhances positioning and develops force production. 


We start with a test week to gauge your current strength levels and identify any imbalances.     We compare your lifts with the commonly accepted ratios among different lifts to identify any imbalances or deficiencies, and then we build a program to fix your imbalances. 

These guidelines help us flag any glaring issues.  If your deadlift is 1.4x your back squat, you probably don’t need a ton of posterior chain accessory work.   If your snatch is 50% of your back squat, it’s a signal that your technique needs attention.  Based on these results, we focus on your needs: raw strength, technique and speed, or all of the above.  

Strength Builder combines the ingredients for transferable strength into an easy-to-follow program.  After 12 weeks, you’ll see substantial gains in your raw strength.  You’ll move faster and more efficiently with better technique in every test you face.   Click here to become stronger than ever.





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