We made it!    If you follow the program and do the work, anything is achievable.

We made it!    If you follow the program and do the work, anything is achievable.

Our sport will test your strength at minute 15 of a WOD, and demand gymnastic precision immediately following a series of heavy barbell lifts.  While we generally agree on the importance of strength, conditioning and skills, our approach to  to athlete development includes some striking differences from the conventional approach.

More Traditional Conditioning:  Conventional MetCons rarely align with the time domains or work/rest ratios useful for building tremendous capacity.  We emphasize the classics: intervals, threshold training and endurance work, creating an engine that can power you through any WOD.   Our athletes get out of breath every training day.  

Untimed Skills Practice:   Mastering skills requires lots of focused reps.  We practice skills off the clock, at a moderate pace.  This is the equivalent of a basketball player taking 100 shots before practice.   We pick a few skills and get after it.  By the end of the cycle, those skills have improved substantially.     

Technique and Accessory Work:    We spend a little time each training session reinforcing important movement patterns and correcting imbalances.   Accessory work includes strengthening your back and core, as well as attacking positioning and stability. 





A conversation.  We always start with a conversation about your training history and goals. 

Test Week.  Test Week helps determine your starting point.  The test week includes some lifting tests, WODs and capacity tests.    Based on your test week results and your goals, we create a targeted program to attack your weaknesses and build on your strengths. 

The Program:  Your path to Total Domination!

Skills: Focusing on 3 - 4 skills per cycle, and hit them at least 2x per week off the clock.  This is how you close a skills gap.  

Technique: Refine your movement patterns and emphasize form with a manageable weight.  Doing drills before weightlifting leads to more good rep, facilitating neuromuscular adaptations which make excellent technique a habit.  

Strength / Weightlifting:  A classic periodized approach to strength training and weightlifting, gradually increasing the weights throughout your cycle.   

Conditioning / MetCons:  Classical conditioning balanced with MetCons targeting the weaknesses observed during test week.

Accessory:  Improves midline stabilization, back strength, and stability, positively impacting nearly every aspect of your performance. 

Actual training day from a Total Domination program. 

Actual training day from a Total Domination program. 

While every Total Domination program is different, this excerpt illustrates our approach to developing athletes.   What will your training day look like?  Click here to get started.