Over the past year, we’ve worked with hundreds of athletes to improve their strength, skills and conditioning.  We know how to deliver the gains.  And now we’ve developed an Open prep program: 50 days to get you ready.   You’ll be ready for anything when Dave says 3, 2, 1…GO! on February 22nd.  

Whether this is your first Open or your eighth, this program will challenge you.   Our programming architecture hits all the functional domains of our sport, yet leaves enough flexibility for athletes at all levels.   Despite the breadth and intensity of the training program, training sessions only take about an hour.   You push hard, then you go home with enough in the tank to get after it again tomorrow.  

Let’s take a look at how our athletes will spend the first seven weeks of 2018:

Strength: 50 days is not enough time for a serious strength cycle.  We focus on maximizing your strength for Open style tests.    You’ll do the classic lifts (squat, press, deadlift) regularly, but not at 95% of your 1RM.  You will snatch and C&J in situations resembling the Open: lift while tired, against the clock etc.  

Skills: We start every training session with untimed skills work.  This is normal in other sports: batting practice, shooting jumpers, and so on.  We don’t know what’s coming, but previous Opens can be a useful predictor of what to expect.   Our programs hit the basics and give you the flexibility to pick the skills you need to target.  A small skill improvement can move you 1,000 places on the leaderboard.   Don’t worry, we hit skills in every MetCon, too.

Conditioning:  Open MetCons increase in complexity every year:  More formats, more exercises and last year, more equipment.  Changes usually stick around, so we expect 2018 to include dumbbells, lunges, rowing, HSPU, and Bar MU, along with ascending weights, time cut-offs and task priority work.   We believe that the likeliest additions are handstand walks or pistols.  This program will push you every day, so that you’re razor sharp for 18.1.

This is an actual training day:

50days sample.jpg

We’ve coached athletes ranging from beginners to games athletes, and everywhere in between.  This program incorporates our approach to developing the capacity required to maximize your results in the Open, all for just a dollar a day! 

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