We know what it’s like to be an owner:  listening to customers, investing carefully in your business, building a community, and doing all the little things it takes to be successful.  And yes, we’ve gotten those calls from coaches who cancel 15 minutes before class while you’re having breakfast 20 minutes away.   “Can I get this to go?”   We know how it is. 

Despite all of the long days and nights spent working, planning, researching and strategizing to get every detail right, many owners program like coaches.  Programming is more than just a combination of constantly varied functional movements.  It’s an opportunity to strengthen relationships with your customers, to develop your coaches, and to create opportunities for business expansion.   If you treat it like just another task, or if you delegate it to a coach, you’re missing out on a strategic business development opportunity.  



We’ve worked with thousands of athletes and dozens of gyms and distilled these experiences to a few simple truths about customer satisfaction.    These matter in every box:

Accomplishment:  Nothing makes athletes happier than doing something they’ve never done before: a PR on a lift.   Their first muscle up.  A better score in a benchmark.  Helping others reach their goals is part of the reason you opened a gym. Happy athletes post on social media (and tag your gym).  They meet friends for dinner and talk about it.   Friends try a class.  Fitness gains become business gains. 

Coaching interactions:   There are lots of less expensive places to lift and train.   Members are paying for coaching attention, and good coaching produces more of those “new achievement” moments.   Does your program maximize opportunities for coaches to work with athletes?    

Information:   Athletes can’t PR every day.  But they can learn a little more about health, fitness and taking care of themselves.   One hour in the gym can influence 23 outside of it.  Our programs make coach-athlete interactions more productive. 

Community:   The support and friendly competitive nature of a class increases the intensity, enjoyment and results.   Community is the not-so-secret ingredient in the success of our fitness methodology.    Our programs are broadly inclusive, so everyone participates fully, regardless of skill level. 

For the cost of less than two memberships per month, The Gains Lab will deliver rock solid programming that not only improves your community’s fitness, but also supports your strategic business objectives by enhancing each of the key items listed above.   



We’ve all been to the same certifications, read the same books and papers, and followed industry leaders.  We all know how to program, and we have lots of competent choices if we want to hire someone.  But turning a program from a list of exercises into a source of value is more complicated.   No one, no matter how many gyms they own or how many athletes they coach, should be programming for you without an in-depth understanding of your business and your goals.   So we start with a conversation to understand your current operation.   We’re especially interested in understanding your

Facility and setting:  A 6,000 square foot box has a different set of challenges and opportunities than a 1,200sf location.  How’s your outdoor space?   Do you have long, icy winters or is 50 degrees a “cold” day for your location?   Are you in a standalone location or around other businesses? 

Community vibe:    Does your gym send two teams to Regionals every year and show up 80-deep for local throw-downs?   Or is the vibe more about professionals devoting an hour a day to fitness before going back to their busy lives?  A little of both?

People and Equipment:   What’s inside the box?   Are you using all of your equipment or are some things gathering dust?   Are your classes closer in size to 5 or 25?


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To set up a conversation about turning your program into a strategic asset, send us a note at coach@thegainslab.com