The Framework

The Gains Lab's Framework is the shortest path to your fitness goals.  It doesn’t matter if you want to stand on podiums or just be better than you were last week, last month or last year.   If improvement matters, you’re in the right place.

We’ve owned gyms and trained athletes ranging from brand new beginners to advanced competitors.   We’ve competed at the highest level in the sport of fitness.   We also work with professional baseball, football and MMA athletes and their coaches. The Framework is the result of our collective experience across multiple fitness, strength, conditioning and sport disciplines.

We know about all the other fitness athlete programs out there.  This is the next level.   Athletes come to functional fitness from diverse athletic backgrounds, so we have several ways of working together.  Focus on a specific aspect of fitness, or use The Framework for everything.   You can choose among

Strength and Power:   The "sets, reps and percentages on a spreadsheet" approach is only suitable for beginners and casual athletes.  If you want serious power, lifting heavy is necessary, but it’s not the whole story.  You need a higher rate of force development.  You need to maximize the the stretch-shortening cycle.   You must correct technical weaknesses and eliminate imbalances.   Our athletes do tons of heavy reps, but they also get faster, more explosive and more technically proficient. 

Conditioning and Capacity:   Doing MetCons with some “steady state” work thrown in is a bare bones conditioning strategy.  Building capacity demands increasing oxygen delivery, economy of movement and distributed power output.   It also means enough high intensity muscle contractions to increase mitochondrial volume, as well as changes in glycolytic and oxidative enzyme content.  Doing this correctly requires attention to the intensity distribution of training to optimize muscle fiber recruitment.   No matter where your capacity is today, we’ll build you an engine like a nuclear reactor: incredibly powerful and a little bit dangerous! 

Total Domination:  In other sports, athletes practice skills off the clock.  Baseball players take dozens of swings in batting practice to prepare for 4 at bats per game.  Basketball players take hundreds of jumpers with no defenders.  This low-intensity training refines and perfects movement. We do lots of that.  Practicing everything while you’re tired reinforces poor movement patterns and inhibits conditioning.  Capacity athletes in other sports (rowing, cycling, running) don’t just do races every day, and neither do we.  Endless MetCons put lots of mileage on your joints, and also devour glycogen, undermining your strength training.  You can double your carb intake for energy and keep grinding your joints into dust, or you can train smarter.  We do lots of raw capacity work.  We also use variable intensity in MetCons, because it works.   Our sport has unique demands, but the neuromuscular mechanics of developing skills are consistent across sports.  So are the processes of energy production in cell cytoplasm and mitochondria.  

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