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Rather than add another 500 words to the immense pile of literature on the details and minutiae of weightlifting, we have chosen a more conceptual approach.  To reach your highest potential in weightlifting, you must embrace these two rules:

Rule 1: You lift with the body you have

Rule 2:  There is such a thing as optimal technique (also called “good form”)

Optimal technique is optimal because of leverage.  Your body is a series of levers, and as with any lever, maximum force production depends on correct positioning.   "Good form" is just  the ability to achieve the positions which confer maximum leverage.

If you struggle to lift with optimal technique, it’s because of Rule 1.   When lifting, your brain moves your body into the positions where YOU are strongest, regardless of whether this is good form or not.   If you have strong legs and a weaker back because you were a runner, you will over-rely on your legs.   If your lower back is stronger than your upper back, you will lift is a way that maximizes the contribution of your lower back.  The flaws in your lifts are the manifestations of your muscular imbalances.  Therefore, these flaws usually cannot be corrected with a verbal cue or series of cues.

Your maximum potential as a weightlifter is reached when “using the muscles you have” and “optimal technique” become the same.  In short, the twin challenges of weightlifting are:

(1)  Actually learn how to do the lifts

(2)  Build the musculature of your body so that you can lift with optimal technique

Our coaching focuses on (2).  Changing your body to improve your lifting requires developing underpowered muscles with targeted accessory work, as well as integrating them into the lifting process with drills and technique work.  Accessory work has to be personalized; we all have our own imbalances.   

We can help!   We review your lifts and identify any movement issues (hips up too high, shift onto toes prior to hip extension, etc.). Then we diagnose the underlying cause and prescribe exercises to correct it.   When you sign up, send us up to three videos of your lift.  We will break them down, frame by frame, and point out what’s going wrong.    Then we’ll dig into the underlying issues and figure out how to fix it.    We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a detailed, stage-by-stage breakdown of your lift, and a program to help eliminate the imbalances and improve your technique.   

It’s quick and affordable, and we guarantee you’ll see results.

Yes, I’m ready for gains!