The Gains Lab enhances athlete performance.  We have decades of experience with athletes ranging from brand new beginners to games competitors and professional football players.  Along the way, we've learned a few things.   These principles summarize our approach:

Performance is our concern.  We don't think about anything besides making you better at what you do.

Basics are the foundation on which your performance rests.  To go higher, strengthen your foundation. 

Excellence is a long term pursuit.  Consistency is the most important training variable.  



We approach each functional domain (strength, conditioning and skills) as both isolated efforts and as an integrated unit.  Like athletes in other sports, we isolate specific tasks and capacities to develop them off the clock.  Even pro baseball players still take batting practice and field grounders!  Our sport is no different.  To improve in WODs, you must train sport-specific skills and capacities outside of WODs.  Our framework accommodates specialization while guiding an athlete toward the broad, general excellence that defines superior performance in the sport of fitness.  We rely on ideas which have stood the test of time: 

Classic strength and conditioning:  These are the foundations of performance.  Strength is never a weakness, and conditioning is the essence of our sport.  

Technique first, adaptations second, load last:  Once an athlete displays satisfactory technique, we increase the reps.  This facilitates neuromuscular adaptations that make good technique a habit.  Then, we pile on the pounds. 

Metabolic conditioning requires capacity:  Our athletes do a lot of classical capacity work: endurance, threshold training and lots of intervals, as well as MetCons.  

Skills off the clock before on the clock:  We do not include skills in MetCons until an athlete has demonstrated proficiency in those skills.   Including under-developed skills in MetCons undermines the conditioning aspect of the MetCons.  

Never cut corners:  We probably do more technique drills and accessory work than other programs.   

How do you want to get better?