Frameworks, not programs

We make athletes better.  But we don't just hand out programs and send you on your way.  Instead, we use frameworks, which are the structure in which you develop and grow as an athlete.  We’ve developed them through years of experience working with athletes at all levels, from brand new beginners to Games athletes and professional football and baseball players.  We rely on the invariant principles of athlete development: consistency, sound fundamentals, incremental adjustments and plenty of communication.  Our training always stresses you, but never crushes you.  We create your programs by combining your goals with our frameworks.  As a result, your training is individualized for you, and we're here to help, every step of the way.  

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Specific focus...

No gym can be all things to all people.   No program can deliver everyone’s goals simultaneously.   A well-run box provides constantly varied functional training, scalable to any level.  However, that training session might not always target what’s most important to you.  For example, you may want to devote some more training time to getting stronger or working on your engine.  Add our Capacity or Strength framework to attack your goals, without giving up the things you like about your gym and community.

...or full scale frameworks

We can also customize all aspects of your training.  Our comprehensive, periodized approach enables you to train multiple capacities and modalities, while striking a balance among intensity, volume and recovery.   We organize your goals into logical pieces and work toward them incrementally.   As you progress, your training progresses with you.  We’ll help you attack your weaknesses, plug fitness gaps, and build on your strengths.   We meet you where you are, and together, we work toward where you want to go.

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Each framework is composed of multiple phases.  As you progress, new challenges emerge.  The exact composition of each phase depends on your goals.   Click the buttons at the bottom of this page to learn more about each framework. 

You can switch among frameworks anytime.   There are no contracts or obligations.  Accomplished a goal?  Congrats!  Now let’s go get another one.

Whether you work out at a gym or in your garage, we can customize our frameworks to your equipment.   If you’ve got the basics, you’re all set.   If your gym has all the toys, we’ll include them!

Total Domination is a customized, personalized program which expertly packages strength, conditioning and skills into one intense training session.  If you’ve got about an hour a day to train, this is the best way to use it.

Competitor is intended for athletes who want to reach the limits of their potential.   Whether that means competing for the podium or just pushing yourself toward exceptional fitness, Competitor will challenge you every step of the way


Working together

Whichever framework you choose, you’ll have access to our coaching and expertise.   Every one of our athletes enjoys unlimited email access for questions, feedback, results analysis, video review and more.  We'll be here every step of the way.   Click one of the buttons below to learn more about what we do.   How do you want to get better?