Year of the Engine FAQ


Is there any testing or anything to get started? No. The Year of the Engine meets you where you are. Regardless of your fitness level, the training sessions in YoE will provide the desired stimulus. For example, if you, me and a top games athlete all did

  • 18 rounds

  • Row :30

  • Rest :30

We would all get different scores, but the same stimulus. The Year of the Engine delivers, whether you are a high level competitor or whether this is your first standalone conditioning and capacity program.

I’m an advanced fitness athlete.  Do I have to start at the beginning?    Yes.  

Does everyone get the same program? No.   Everyone gets a similar program.  The path to tremendous capacity is not constantly varied.  It is somewhat varied, yet logically structured. 


This is my first conditioning program.   How will I know what to do? The program includes comprehensive instructions, and updated instructions accompany each phase. 


How many sessions per week?  How long are they? Five sessions per week. Sessions usually are completed in 30 minutes.  In later phases, endurance-focused sessions may run a little bit longer.  


Is this compatible with my existing strength and MetCon training? Yes.   It is designed to augment your current training, not replace it.  Instructions for integrating your training with The Year of the Engine are included with your first month.  

I’m already on the program.   Can I get the 10% discount?    Yes. You can get the discount going forward. If you’re already on the program and want to order three more months at the discounted price, email us and we’ll take care of it.  Your next payment will be $67.50, and you’ll be switched to a quarterly billing plan. We cannot apply discounts retroactively.    


What kind of equipment do I need?   This program be can completed on a rowing erg, any kind of bike (assault bike, echo bike, airdyne, spin bike), a treadmill, a ski erg or plain ol’ outdoor running.   The program includes instructions to substitute among modalities.    


Do I need a heart rate monitor for this program? Absolutely not.


I have a heart rate monitor.   Can I use it? Sure.  Check out this article for detailed guidance on how to use it with our programs. 


Can I cancel anytime without penalty? Yes.  There are no contracts and no obligations.   If you choose to cancel, just email us and let us know.   You will be charged nothing additional.  

Is there training after a year? Yes. There is an advanced program. We distribute the information on the advanced program during the FLUX phase.

I’m ready to sign up.  Great! You can get started right here! Sign up monthly or save 10% when you sign up quarterly.

I still have more questions. You can reach us by email