Engine Builder uses a classical approach to developing your anaerobic and aerobic energy systems.  We combine intervals, endurance work and some threshold training to make sure you have the capacity for any test you face.

Engine Builder includes five sessions per week.   The training will stress you, but not crush you, so you can add it on to your strength program or general box programming.  (Don’t be surprised if you’re a little hungrier throughout the day).   Nearly all the training sessions are 30 minutes or less.

Let’s take a closer look:


ANAEROBIC POWER: adventures in glycolysis

We attack the anaerobic system with short, high-intensity intervals, separated by plenty of rest.  These sessions push you into a dark place, then give you enough time to crawl out before breathing fire again.  Building the glycolytic engine hurts, but it also increases the upper limit of your power output.   This is how you power through short burners, or hit an extra gear when you need it. 

  Short intervals at HIGH intensity = an unbeatable extra gear

Short intervals at HIGH intensity = an unbeatable extra gear


We combine of endurance sessions, intervals and threshold training to produce physiological adaptations that make you go faster:  increased capillary density, higher stroke volume (blood pumped per heart beat) and increased mitochondrial enzyme activity.   The stress will be intense enough to increase the oxidative capacity of all your muscle fibers. 

You’ll be able to deliver and utilize more oxygen, meaning more energy.  The increased capillary density also speeds lactate removal from working muscles.  Your redline will be at much higher power levels. The result?  You’ll easily accomplish tasks that once pushed you into the dark place.   

   Engine Builder  delivers capacity on a whole different level!

Engine Builder delivers capacity on a whole different level!



The goals of any program is to improve your race pace, or your work rate during MetCons.  "WOD Pace" = Aerobic Power + Anaerobic Power (at or near lactate threshold). 

Pacing includes the ability to utilize anaerobic power during a WOD without reaching exhaustion.  Optimizing that capacity requires athletes to become familiar with their lactate threshold and the accompanying sensations.  Engine Builder includes some very demanding intervals done right at your threshold pace, designed to maximize the contribution of both energy systems, and to familiarize you with the sensation of maintaining your threshold pace.  

Building tremendous capacity is like building tremendous strength: it takes patience and persistence.  After Engine Builder, you'll be able to shift into a gear that other athletes simply don't have.   Click here to make the biggest capacity gains.