Capacity is one of the cornerstones of fitness, and capacity gains translate directly to performance gains.  As with any athletic discipline, inexperienced athletes improve rapidly, but these beginner gains quickly taper off.  Increasing your capacity – really increasing your capacity - is a long term commitment. 

Our methodology develops tremendous capacity.  We’ve got athletes putting up over 250 calories in 10-minute assault bike time trials, and completing a 5k row well under 17 minutes, without loss of strength or power.   Our approach can be used by athletes at all levels, and it’s compatible with your existing training.   You don't have to give up anything,

It takes time!    Coaches who say "conditioning takes months" probably can't do any of these.  

It takes time!  Coaches who say "conditioning takes months" probably can't do any of these.  

Building capacity is more than just training energy systems.  The energy systems are actually part of a complex series of mechanisms which govern ATP production during training.  Conditioning requires understanding how the energy systems interact under different stresses, intensities and durations.   Not only that, but muscle activation patterns vary with differing tasks, and muscle characteristics vary widely even within the same muscle group.  Excessive focus on “energy systems training” indicates a poor understanding of physiological processes.  Unfortunately, lots of coaches get this wrong, and their athletes progress slowly.   Here's how we do it:

C-C day structure.jpg

Engine Builder:  The journey begins with the Engine Builder program. This program focuses on pure capacity, using intervals, endurance work and time trials to increase your power output across all relevant time domains.  

Polarization:  Polarization is a specialized intensity distribution, combining endurance-style training and very high intensity interval work.  Polarization is widely used by elite athletes and is proven to increase capacity.  In addition to pure capacity work, we're the first to adopt polarized training to functional fitness.  

Differentiation: This phase features a series of progressively challenging interval and endurance workouts to raise your race pace.  You’ve built the capacity, now we layer on the speed.    As each goal is met, a new challenge appears.   This phase is called Differentiation because it separates those who are wiling to do the hard work from those are who are not.  

With our framework, you choose how you train.   Phases 2 and 3 include both pure capacity training and MetCons.  You can mix and match them to suit the way you want to train without any loss of adaptation.    And we’re here to help if you need it.  Here is a sample training day from each phase so you can see how it works.


Our conditioning and capacity framework has enabled thousands of athletes to build serious capacity, without sacrificing other aspects of their fitness.  Now it's your turn.  Click here for the biggest capacity gains!