There are a lot of free programs out there.  Why should I pay for this?

These programs contain essential truths learned through decades of experience.  Classical strength and conditioning, attention to detail, and a willingness to do a lot of reps are the indispensable ingredients to excellence.  These ideas guided my path to the CrossFit Games, and we have seen them work for thousands of athletes of all ages, fitness levels and abilities.  Whether you want to stand on podiums or just be better than you were yesterday, we will show you the way. 


What kind of equipment do I need for this? 

A reasonably well-appointed CrossFit box (or a solid garage gym) will have everything you need.  Substitutions are possible and we’ll help you with that, if needed.     


What's in these programs?  

Excellent training that will challenge you daily.  The major lifts.  Common conditioning activities. Sets, reps, intervals, work-rest ratios, technique work, accessory work and drills to make you stronger, more efficient and better conditioned than you've ever been.


Do you have any cool apps or online tools to track my progress or compare against other people?                              

No.   In fact, most of the apps and websites used to track training are worse than useless.  They make training unnecessarily complex and pretend to add value by creating data that can't be analyzed in any meaningful way.  Your results from training and competition are all the data you need.  If fancy printouts and meaningless numbers all over the place are your thing, you might like Orange Theory. 


I just started training and want to do this.   Is this a good idea?

Nah, not really.   Our programs are intended for athletes who are already familiar with the major lifts and training modalities in the sport of fitness.   If you’re brand new, find a gym with quality coaches who will teach you the basics.  Let’s talk again in a few months.


I’m doing your program and my gym’s regular stuff.  Is this cool?

The Conditioning and Capacity framework is designed to augment, not replace, your existing training. The same goes for Strength Builder. However, if you've signed up for Dominate or Competitor, that should be your main focus. It’s OK to do a regular gym stuff once in a while, jump in a class with your friends, etc., but it shouldn’t compete with your specialized programming.  


Speaking of nutrition, any tips?

It takes fuel to make horsepower.   Strength Builder is more successful with increased carbohydrate and protein intake.  Engine Builder will demand increased carbs and fats.  Proteins repair the body so make sure to get plenty of them as well.  The caloric burn from Engine Builder is especially substantial; be prepared to eat more. 


Can I do additional work after I finish the day’s programming?  

We prefer you don’t.  The programs are written to stress you, not to destroy you.   If you finish the day’s training and still have some energy left, save it.  Tomorrow is another training day.   


Ready to get started?  Let's do it!

Still have questions?  Email me coach@thegainslab.com